Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saturday Spanks - Lord Westbrook's Muse on sale now!

Happy Saturday Spankfans!

You knew it was coming. After weeks of me sharing spanky snippets from my "forthcoming" and "soon-to-be-released" book, Lord Westbrook's Muse is at last on general release!

This week's spanking snippet is below. But, you know, you don't need to make do with that tiny little amuse-bouche now. You could go and buy the entire book right now! You could be a Victorian-spanky-romance glutton and hedonistically demolish the thing in one sitting like someone single-handedly working their way through all three layers in a box of chocolates.

Or you could read it in a more relaxed and demure fashion of course. I'm not judging you either way.

Treat yourself. You're worth it.

Lord Westbrook's Muse is a love story. The love affair between Lord Robert Westbrook and free-spirited social reformer, Cass gets off to a splendid start. Cass has decided that she wishes to be seduced and believes that Lord Westbrook would be the very man to do it. And between the ravishment and some mutually enjoyable spankings, the couple begin to develop tenderer feelings for one another than they ever expected to.

But things are never that straightforward. And there are secrets and misunderstandings and the pressures of society making things difficult for the two of them. The scene below takes place after Cass has ended their affair and then behaved badly at a party hosted by Lord Westbrook. Furious at her behaviour, Lord Westbrook has whisked her away in order to bestow some harsh discipline with a riding crop.

“Miss Glen, either you bend over that table of your own accord or I will push you over it and hold you down by force. Believe me; it will go much worse for you if you choose the latter option.” 
Cass did not doubt that Lord Westbrook could overpower her with ease. Nor did she doubt his resolve in carrying out his threat. Shaking slightly, she bent over the table and gripped its far edge. Lord Westbrook lifted the skirts of her dress and pushed them above her waist. Her drawers he yanked down to her knees, leaving her bottom totally uncovered. 
Although Cass had been naked in front of Lord Westbrook on any number of occasions, she had never felt as exposed in his presence as she did right now.

Lord Westbrook's Muse is available from all the usual suspects. The links are below. (Or over on the right there. Or the My Books page. They're all over the place. It's like I'm obsessed,)

Buy a copy from each and quadruple your enjoyment!

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  1. I now have both Westbrook sitting on my kindle thanks to your hot Saturday Spankings snippets. I will read them very soon. 'Never felt as exposed in his presence' sounds luscious and I'm sure her bum is quivering in anticipation.

    1. Thanks Holla. I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Exposed and about to be thrashed, hot snippet.

  3. Being exposed for a sound spanking is different from just being naked. Very nice.

  4. Hot hot excerpt! Congrats on the new release!

  5. Oooh something about being exposed like that.... nice.

  6. Raising the exposed feeling makes for such great reading. Yum! Congrats on the release. :)

  7. I love how historical romance and spanking go so well together. Sigh... very nice!

  8. I think I would have pushed my luck and refused ;) You know, just for the hell of it :D Nice one, Etta!

  9. That was hot. Congrats on the new release, and yes, you are obsessed!!! :) We all are though.

  10. Something's coming . . . Ouch.

  11. I'm with Mary, I think I would have defied him, just for the hell of it :D
    Nice - I really do look forward to reading this in a couple of weeks when the pressure is off in my day job. I loved the last two.